You've Got It... You've Always Had It... Because you were Born ENOUGH!

Now walk in it!

The I Am Enough Campaign seeks to inspire, motivate, and encourage women of all ages, backgrounds, and races that they are accepted, loved, and built in the image of God. By joining the movement, you will receive monthly encouragement from Ebony S. Bailey! You are more than what you’ve settled for! It is Ebony’s goal to make sure that you not only believe that but that you live your life encouraged!

Did You Know?

You were created on purpose, for a distinct purpose?

Before you were dropped into this Earth, God already placed purpose and destiny inside of you. Have you tapped into it?

No one else can make the impact on this world that you can.

You have a unique imprint, no one is shaped and fashioned like you. Someone is waiting for your sound, your voice, your ideas, your creativity… they are waiting for YOU.

Every step you take is either walking on the path to purpose or away from it.

Your gifts and call doesn’t change because life got challenging; make sure you are walking for purpose on purpose. The You’ve Got it … Always had it slide… You can make it over or use it if you want