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From the comfort of your own home we are going to begin our inner renovation. We will delve into pieces of my new workbook “Renovating Me."  This workbook is designed to kick start your inner-renovation. Once the study begins each week you will receive materials for to assist us as we uncover and restructure our lives, alongside a community of women who are beginning or continuing their journey to their best selves. We will foster a transparent and safe environment to get our blue print started.

In a renovation you take the time to make sure the foundation that you are building on will hold the concept and vision you have for the project. Your goal is to not only make the Reno aesthetically pleasing to the eyes but to make sure the “bones” are good. During a renovation, things are assessed and areas that need fixing or reenforcement are corrected. Renovations restore structures that other people think have no hope or should be demolished because the damage seems beyond repair. What if I told you, that you were like a house? Yes, you. You are a house that has a foundation, a yard, rooms and areas that could use some tweaking. We all have areas that could use some “renovating.” So through this workbook, I have come to disrupt your thought process and challenge you to uncover areas that you were able to patch and mask to the outside world. Yep, I am asking you to allow the ultimate inspector to reveal cracks and trouble areas in your foundation, so when it is time to build, your house will last!I am excited to see you roll up your sleeves, get a little dirty and tackle ALL areas of your life. No place is off limits. There may be some tears, we may uncover some areas of frustration. We may even find some areas we must completely gut, but it will all be worth it in the end. Your breathtaking life is awaiting you. Are you ready to start your "Inner - Renovation" project?

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