She Woke Up Dreaming with Monique Hayes

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Monique Haynes is an ordained Prophet who aspires to see believers walk in the purpose and destiny the Lord has commanded for them.

Monique is a Seer in the Body of Christ and walks in dream interpretation and operates under a heavy mantle of intercession. She has overseen both Women’s Ministry and Intercessory Prayer and delights in activating and training in prophetic ministry.

Monique has a heart for healing through her gift of wisdom in counseling and has a passion for hurting women. She has authored a book called, “Not Another Broken Woman.” She is also the founder of Purpose Driven Life Coaching, Woman Be Made Whole conference and is a certified life coach. Highly sought after for speaking at women’s conferences, Monique calls women to come forth into wholeness and be delivered, healed, and set free.

She loves to see a blank canvas blossom into a beautiful picture. Monique is a native of Grand Rapids, Michigan and currently resides in Raleigh, North Carolina with her husband, Pastor Johnell Haynes III, and her two children, Nakiyah and Isaiah.

When people dream they do it without limits and boundaries. There you can be anything and have everything. We are taught to dream as kids, by painting a picture of what we want our future to look like. Somewhere along our journey that stops. We view our dreams as a movie that plays only when we close our eyes. We wake up and dismiss our dream because it surely can’t be possible. Or is it? Who told you your dream ends when you open your eyes? When you realize that God desires for you to have success and prosper, you can truly dream while you’re awake and believe you can have it.

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