I Am Enough – The Journal


Number of Pages: 147 

Journal Size: 7 x 10 in

Interior Print Color: Premium Black & White

Paper Weight: 80#

Glossy Cover



The I Am Enough Journal is filled with strong and powerful statements, creating a confident winner’s healthy mindset. This journal’s goal is to remind you how powerful the words we speak frame and shape the world we see everyday. Affirmations are extremely powerful things that turn on the mind and open up our understanding of who we are to confidently stand in the greatness that God deposited inside of us before we were born. So fill this journal with affirmations and declarations that will cause your life to start looking the way you envisioned it. After all, we are natural creators, so why not create an extraordinary life and the mindset to maintain it? Don’t you think you have what it takes? I beg to differ. Why, you may ask? Ma’am, YOU ARE ENOUGH!