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Undistracted Focus

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It is amazing how the enemy works.  He uses small things and causes our attention to be diverted to them and we may inadvertently miss other small things along the way. We base some of our own conclusions off of the distracted and misleading “information” that the enemy causes to think is so real. We end up ALMOST missing some relationships, some tangible things and some valuable connections all because we didn’t have our lenses on …

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Exposed, Uncovered and Unnoticed – My Fight Against Depression

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It’s interesting how you can be going through life and think you are fine. Then out of now where life smacks you with an unforeseen trail. So hard that it sometimes knocks you off your feet; emotional wounds that you thought you got over; other hurts that never healed properly; words that were said that dug deep and clung to your soul; feelings of vulnerability that you masked thinking you were in an effort to cope with what you …

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Don’t Allow Your Sight to Impair Your Trust in God

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Faith vs. Sight We have all heard the scripture 2 Corinthians 5:7 “We walk by faith and not by sight” before.  It does not imply that we are to walk around blinded and oblivious to things. However, it does infer that sometimes what we see, with our natural eyes, is not always the truth.   As believers, we are to do exactly what the word says and that is believe.  We are required to trust God …