Mother’s Day Special with Kim Holmes

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Kim Holmes is in love with her GOD. Known for her mammoth faith her trademark IMPACT (Implementing My Purpose As Christ Transcends) is a representation of who she is. WILD (Women Impacting Lives Daily) is one of the platforms she has founded to serve humanity.

Committed to making a difference in her lifetime, Kim, purposes to stay is in pursuit of the Father, fulfilling the mandate He placed upon her life. God is the driving force behind the passion that helps her lead others to the truth, impacting the lives of those whom she meets.

She is the Bride of Christ, a wife, mother, grandmother, godmother, spiritual mother to many, a warring—intercessor, called and chosen to preach and teach the gospel, an ordained pastor, prophet, author, midwife, mentor, counselor, confidant, and encourager of the brethren.

In her interactions with others, Kim equips and empowers. She believes no has to settle for mediocrity.

Her strength is found in her personal intimate relationship with the Lord. He has given her great insight and the ability to walk in assurance with confidence. Kim rests in knowing that when the Lord is in it, it does not matter what the situation looks like “her end result will always be victorious.

Connect with Kim Holmes:

When people dream they do it without limits and boundaries. There you can be anything and have everything. We are taught to dream as kids, by painting a picture of what we want our future to look like. Somewhere along our journey that stops. We view our dreams as a movie that plays only when we close our eyes. We wake up and dismiss our dream because it surely can’t be possible. Or is it? Who told you your dream ends when you open your eyes? When you realize that God desires for you to have success and prosper, you can truly dream while you’re awake and believe you can have it.

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