She Woke Up – Episode One: Brittany D. Spivey

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Ebony’s first guest on the She Woke Up Dreaming Podcast is Brittany Spivey. Brittany has served as Ebony’s vocal coach in the past. It was during a creative writing session that “She Woke Up Dreaming,” was birthed. Below you can find a little more about Brittany.

She is a single mother, entrepreneur and professional BGV. Brittany is the owner of Spivey Vocal Consulting, A coaching and training ground for vocalists, writers and public speakers. Brittany began her professional career as a backing vocalist and chorus teacher before branching out into full time entrepreneurship. She has overcome many obstacles in her life and aims to turn her story and experiences into hope for other creatives and dreamers.

To learn more about Brittany, the services and products she offers, follow her on

Instagram: @brittanyDspivey and @spiveyvocal 

Facebook :

When people dream they do it without limits and boundaries. There you can be anything and have everything. We are taught to dream as kids, by painting a picture of what we want our future to look like. Somewhere along our journey that stops. We view our dreams as a movie that plays only when we close our eyes. We wake up and dismiss our dream because it surely can’t be possible. Or is it? Who told you your dream ends when you open your eyes? When you realize that God desires for you to have success and prosper, you can truly dream while you’re awake and believe you can have it.

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