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What is vision? Is vision limited to things you can physically touch? Are you restricted to what you can make happen on YOUR own? Is your vision larger than you? Does your vision require you to partner with other people? These questions can be a tool used to measure your mindset and capacity for vision.

In this workbook, Ebony S. Bailey challenges you to slow down and create a vision print for specific areas of your life. She does this by pulling out key elements which affect your day-to-day. Whether we know it or not, these areas form and shape the world we live in. By intentionally giving structure and definition to these areas, it kicks our minds into action giving legs to our vision!

It’s time for you to get your thoughts out of your head and give your vision a voice. It’s been quiet for too long! This workbook will cause you to think deeply about your purpose and future, hopefully invoking action toward your destiny. You deserve to shine bright and live life the way God intended. Take the time to go through each topic and be honest as you write the vision print for your life.



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