Perspective on My Path

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I have had some of the most hurtful things happen AFTER I decided to shift my perspective. I told myself that I was going to be positive and that I was not going to look at life as a series of events that happened to me and I caved in. I was set to view each setback as an opportunity. As I was listening to an audio book, the author began talking about this subject. (That was confirmation that I must have been on to something.) If my world shapes my world, if I have the power to create life and death with my tongue, if I am an atmosphere shifter… then I MUST remember that things cannot shift me (unless I grant it permission). I shift them. In the audio book, she suggested that we adopt this mindset: there are no defeats in life, only great lessons or great victories. Meaning even in the most unfavorable outcomes the lesson that are uncovered can be used and applied to outshine what took place. It also means that there is a something to glean from everything we face.

It’s so crazy how you can get yourself on a path to better serve yourself, your family and other that are attached to your destiny… then all HELL breaks loose. Little fires in your life become massive ones, while you are walking in the path of purpose. But you have to keep pushing. Opposition comes to stop and silence you. Keep going. It confuses the enemy and sometimes it astounds you! Once you get through it or even right in the center of it, you acknowledge that strength showed up allowing you to persevere.There is purpose behind it all… keep pressing forward. Even when the winds blow so hard that it takes your breath away for a moment. Remember you’re an atmosphere shift and if the winds are blowing so fiercely, guguess what?!?! You have the power to tell them to STOP! 

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